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Four Amazing Ways to See Niagara Falls

best way to see niagara falls, ontario

Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada is home to the most dramatic and powerful waterfall in the world. Named after the vibrant city itself, The Niagara Falls are popularly described as one of earth’s eight natural wonders.

Having just spent two weeks in Canada I was lucky enough to experience the true beauty of these famous falls for myself. The powerful Niagara River runs between Canada and America so you have the choice of seeing the fabulous water display from either the American or the Canadian side, however, having now viewed the spectacle from Ontario, I’d say there is little competition from the US!

If you’re heading to Canada yourself and planning on marvelling at their beauty there are a few different ways in which to see The Niagara Falls, here’s my top four ways to see them:

1. Walk beside them

best way to see niagara falls, ontario best way to see niagara falls, ontariobest way to see niagara falls, ontario best way to see niagara falls, ontario

The easiest and most affordable way of seeing Niagara Falls is to simply walk beside them. If you are travelling in for the day there’s a large outdoor pay-at-the-meter car park which is just a two minute walk from the main viewing areas.

It is best to start at the top of the road where the majority of the water is gathering and work your way down with the flow of the water itself to the amazing waterfall scenes. The travelling water creates quite a heavy sprinkle in the air so beware that you will inevitably get a little wet walking. If you are travelling during the summer months it’s a rather welcome cool down but I would advise using your waterproof camera if you are planning to take pictures ! If the sun is shining on the day you chose to visit then you’ll have the luxury of seeing intermittent rainbows dancing over the water throughout the day, a real ‘cherry-on-top’ moment when looking at the already stunning falls themselves.

Cost: Free

Duration: It’s up to you but the walk can be done in 10 minutes.

Best For: Families with pushchairs, photographers and those on a tight budget.

2. Fly above them

best way to see niagara falls, ontariobest way to see niagara falls, ontario

For a truly memorable experience seeing the falls from the sky is quite simply breathtaking, for me, a ride above really was a once in a lifetime experience! With a flying time of just 20 minutes there’s ample opportunities to board a copter on any time on any given day. The booking and boarding process is slick and well managed, as soon as the aircraft lands it’s reloaded and straight back up with a fresh group of excited tourists.

The views are beyond incredible from above and you really get to see the true wonder of The Niagara Falls. Canada’s unique Horseshoe bend looks especially amazing from above. Catching a rainbow during your flight is also a high chance possibility and one that will have you beaming from above!

Cost: $90 – Approx £70

Duration: 20 minutes

Best For: Luxury Travellers, Couples

3. Ride underneath them

best way to see niagara falls, ontariobest way to see niagara falls, ontariobest way to see niagara falls, ontario

What was once described as the Maid of the Mist is a huge boat that travels right up to the downpour from the horseshoe bend. The boat is now called The Hornblower and it’s probably one of the most popular ways of seeing the falls and the most affordable. The tour provides you with much needed rain ponchos as you will undoubtedly get wet and the experience is quite similar to a theme park ride! It’s a really fun way to see Niagara Falls and being beneath them like this really does make you appreciate the sheer size and power of this wonderful display from nature.

Cost: $25 – Approx £20

Duration: 20 minutes

Best for: Families with children, large group travellers

4. Jetboat near them

best way to see niagara falls, ontariobest way to see niagara falls, ontario, jet boatbest way to see niagara falls, ontario, jet boat

Not an excursion for the faint hearted, a little further down from the main event are the class five rapids of The Niagara River! Jump on a jet boat and enjoy 2o minutes of leisurely river views and 20 minutes of aggressive dancing on the water 😉 As you and the boat propel through the rough rapids and whirlpools the river water crashes over the boat and straight on to of you! It’s certainly a fun and exciting way to get closer to the famous falls and a sure fine way of upping your adrenaline levels first thing in the morning 😉

Cost: $63 approx £49.00

Duration: 45 minutes

Best for: Adrenaline junkies, people staying near the river (you might want to shower afterwards!)

For those of you wanting to see these activities bought to life, here’s a video featuring all four!



  1. August 27, 2017 / 7:37 pm

    You have the most amazing travels and look at these pics! what a fantastic trip x

  2. August 30, 2017 / 9:56 am

    I’d love to go back to Niagara falls one day!

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