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Four Seasons Desroches Island, Seychelles

Allow me to introduce you to a brand new paradise, The Four Seasons Seychelles Desrosches Island.  Boasting water so alluring that usual ‘toe dippers’ will want to fully submerge in and a lifestyle so appealing it extends past centuries, just ask George 😉

Following on from our fabulous stay at Four Seasons Seychelles, Aimee and I then spent a further few incredible nights at the Four Seasons Desrosches Island AKA paradise! 

This resort really is the ‘creme de la creme’ of hotels in the Seychelles, though the island is not technically private The Four Seasons is the only resort on this sandy white isle giving you every illusion that you are the only people on there at any given time. 

Just a short internal flight from Mahe on a chartered plane, the branded landing strip on which you touch down is a wonderfully ‘not so subtle’ highlight of the opulence coming your way.

Whisked immediately from the logo’d runway to our very own ‘landing’ quarters the team escorted us, via golf cart to our room. As we drove through the towering palm trees which beautifully framed the blue sky above our excitement levels couldn’t have been higher to see our room. Travelling in directly from The Four Seasons Seychelles where our villa quite literally took our breath away, we had (through no fault of our own!) high expectations. 

Luckily for us…….our expectations were not only met, they were exceeded! The room was absolutely gorgeous. With oodles of space both inside and out, the chic African themed interiors showcased a beautiful bed and bathroom, complete with our very own outdoor pool and wooden gazebo.

The room layout was perfectly designed to showcase the direct access to the beach in front and the option to ‘never leave the room’ was abundantly clear from our first walk around. 

With a wonderful hand written managers welcome, detailed activity lists and literature about the hotel and natural surroundings, ‘what to do first?’ here was the hardest decision we had to make since landing in the Seychelles. After our phenomenal views upon landing, we first decided to explore the stunning white beaches! 

The beaches at Four Seasons Seychelles really are incredible, they beautifully wrap themselves around island like offering a birds eye view that would feature as a double spread in a glossy magazine, they are aesthetically idyllic in every way and no matter where you are on the island at any given time, you’ll have near immediate access to dip your toes in the sea.

Powdered white sand, clear turquoise waters and with the added addition of year-round sunshine, mesmerizing reflections showing off the lush vegetation lining the beach fringe. 

Though the main pool area has a boast worthy beach our personal favorite was the Madame Zabre beach. So much so we made it there for a swim and sandy stroll every single day to take in the beauty.  Desrosches island has an active beach and marine conservation program which we thought was an amazing initiative, the scuba center also offers excursions and dives for holiday goers wanting to explore further and deeper. Here we could also hire snorkeling equipment (free of charge) to explore the lively house reefs at our own leisure.

With our mask and fins in tow Aimee and I would make it to Madam Zabre every day. The island though small from the sky is quite large on foot so there’s a golf cart service to transport you around the island, all you need do is ask a member of staff or call from the room.

With so many options of spending your day it was incredibly rare to come across any other guests unless we were dining in the evenings. We didn’t ever see a single soul at the same beach at the same time as us. It was like a luxury castaway, might I focus on ‘luxury’ there for a moment because at each beach there are services to ensure you have every thing you need to be comfortable in your seclusion; fresh towels, cooled bottles of water, bathroom facilities AND a selection of non-motortised water sports you simply help yourself to. This for me was the best thing about Four Seasons Desrosches Island, a simple touch that provided such fuss-free freedom.

After finding ‘our spot’ we utilized the same freedom of being able to get out on the water by paddling out to sea for the sunset. Sat on our boards, on the tranquil water with a clarity below that allowed us to watch the pastel  reflections from the sky as well as the calming marine life below the surface, we were by our own words, in heaven! 

To this day I’m not sure a sunset will have the ability to emotionally move us as much as this particular night at Four Seasons Seychelles Desroches Island. 

Even when it rains in paradise the beauty remains.

There’s no better test than a few days of bad weather to showcase the true beauty of a resort. 

We were blessed with just one single day of full sunshine during our short stay but between every rain shower the island’s serenity and charm shone through the grey clouds. 

As a tropical tradition of mine we set our alarms every morning to wake up with the sun but we weren’t lucky enough, weather wise to witness a full picturesque rise, that being said, we were able to see in the morning with some other aquatic early risers 😉 Joining our daily sunrise beach stroll we saw Sting Rays and Reef Sharks….with companions like these, who needs the sun?! 

Speaking of making friends over making tans, The Four Seasons Desroches Island is famously home to some rather unique land animals, namely the Aldabra giant Tortoise. 

There’s over 200 healthy tortoises on the island and the free-roaming adults have over 12 acres to wander under the protection of the inhabitants. There’s a manned sanctuary for newborns and adolescents and guests are encouraged to visit to learn more about the species history, habits and way of life.

George, the eldest (we’re talking 200yrs +!!) is quite the insta-star willingly trading his signature pose for the exchange of an apple 😉 

Evenings in Paradise are just an added bonus of the day for me. You may have noticed here on C&C that my ‘nights’ by the sea get far less coverage and that’s because I’m all about going to be early to bed so I can get an early rise when I’m away. That being said the evenings at Four Seasons Seychelles Desroches Island were truly, truly special.

With just a glance you can star gaze, a luxury very few locations in the world can provide. The night time navy blanket featured not one, not two but three planets every evening and the staff didn’t keep their astrology secrets to themselves. Whilst sipping on Sauvignon at the bar we were guided through the constellations leaving us to enjoy a dreamy romantic dinner for two with a widened knowledge of our natural canopy canvas!

When it comes to dining, The Four Seasons Seychelles Desroches Island has six restaurants and bars to either grab a nibble or enjoy a full meal during the day and then for the evening you can chose between two beautiful open air restaurants, Claudine and The Lighthouse. 

The Lighthouse is an impressive and beautifully refined a-la-carte dining experience by the sea. The main building itself is a lighthouse, clue very much in the name there 😉 Though the dining is often set up on the beach to fully utilize the charm of the sandy setting. Here you’ll find an impressive but refined menu featuring raw fish and tendered meats as well as impressive soups and salads for moi 😉 

Though the culinary delights of The Lighthouse were delicious it was Claudine that had Aimee and I re-booking to dine, there was just something so magical about sitting by the atmospherically lit pool and the menu had one of the tastiest truffle past dishes I have ever eaten in my life!

I expected to love The Four Seasons Seychelles, on paper, in print it’s exactly my kind of place but the experience of my physical stay surpassed my imagination.

I hope that in this life time I’ll be able to return to this haven, until then I still have a hearty camera roll of paradise pictures to share with you on my instagram (3 months down the line and I’m not done sharing them yet!).

P.S Happy New Year you lovely lot!!!! xX

My stay was gifted in collaboration with The Four Seasons.  I funded my own flights and was not PAID a fee. All views are my own. 


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