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Conrad 1,3,5 by night with Aqua Hong Kong

Skyscrapers, the infamous light show and all the while sipping on a glass of champagne………

A few weeks ago the lovely team at Conrad hotels whisked me off to experience Hong Kong in the best possible way. They introduced me to the amazing and innovative Conrad 1,3,5 Stay Inspired program, a loose interactive itinerary that helps steer visitors in the right direction when travelling to a new city. I’ve written all about here so have a read and come back to this post if you are new 😉 The suggestions stretch from daily sight seeing tours to evening meals, all the while giving you an indication of how much time will be needed to enjoy the activity.

One of the best things to do (in my opinion ;)) in the evening is jump onboard the Aqua luna. A beautifully crafted and furnished junk boat with delicious food and incredible service, most importantly though a great way to experience the amazing night time view of the city.

I have had the opportunity of seeing quite a few city skylines in my time but this has to be one of my favourites. Being able to take in these views whilst enjoying yummy hors d’ouvres and cocktails really is a once in a life time exeprience!

After the cruise we stayed on the other side of the harbour and enjoyed dinner at Aqua’s restaurant. Heard the name Aqua before? If you live in London my guess would be yes, in fact last year I wrote a post for you about my trip to the Aqua Shard (see post here). It’s also one of my favourite bars on Regent Street, you may have seen it feature on my snapchat a hundred times or so 😉

So there’s actually a collection of restaurants in London, Beijing and Hong Kong and I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the business whilst enjoying the sunset cruise. I always enjoy meeting entrepreneurs and hearing their story, especially when their story leads to the creation of one of my favourite restaurants 😉

The food here is amazing and if you arrive early enough to dine you will be able to enjoy the daily Symphony of lights show whilst nibbling on your starters. An experience NOT to miss!




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