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Making up for lost time in Mykonos…..

Wow, it feels so good to be back here! Thank for joining my adventures again, I’m so grateful and pleased that they have officially recommence:D Though it was great to get away to Cornwall here in the UK, a few weeks ago new government laws are allowing us Brits to escape ‘on holiday’ to a few select countries across the globe. Luckily for me, one of my all time favourite countries was on that very list, Greece.

Getting there – COVID Restrictions

We were able to book and fly with British Airways directly from London Heathrow to Mykonos. Before flying we filled out an online form for the Greek government, this form generated a QR code that was sent through to us via email 12 hours before we arrived at the airport. This code was shown by every passenger both in the UK and upon arrival in Greece.

On top of this, face masks were worn at all times whilst travelling and on the plane itself. We were given sanitising wipes for our seats and tray tables and the service was limited to a few select snacks and drinks.

Upon arrival my friend Inge and I hired a car that we had pre-booked in the UK. The airport is so small it was an easy pick-up and it’s something I would highly recommend if you are travelling to Mykonos as taxis are both wildly expensive and extremely hard to come by.

Where we stayed – En Lefko Suites

Last year I stayed at the beautiful four star resort and it was everything I needed for an comfortable and well located stay on the island, the grounds are so incredibly beautiful as well.  I’ve written a full blogpost about the hotel here.

It really is such a fabulous hotel and if you hire a car like we did it’s such a perfect location for exploring the island, it’s 10 minutes from the main town and the beach clubs and just 2 minutes to the supermarket and bakeries. The rooms are spacious and fresh, the communal areas are immaculate and chic and the breakfast is deliciously tailored to each guest. I’d happily stay there over and over again. 

Mykonos Old Town

No trip to Mykonos is complete without a trip to the old town. Walking round is as picture perfect stroll that reminds you exactly where you are…………

Driving round the island you’re sure to know it’s Greece, with the blue and white architecture and glimpses of the sparkling navy Aegean Sea catching your eye but wandering along the cobbled streets of the old town it’s obvious you’re  nowhere other than Mykonos.

Wander through the walkways, pop into some of the boutiques and enjoy the novel filmset style scenery, just make sure you are back by the water for sunset. Watching the sky fill with dramatic colours right over the foaming twinkling sea is a sight not to be missed and there’s a small collection of restaurants and cocktail bars to aid your parked bum for an hour or so.  

For dinner we ate at the beautiful Interni, a wonderful and whimsical outdoor dining space that comes to life as the town turns to late. The ambience here is special and though the menu is small the dishes are delicious, ‘anyone who’s anyone’ dines here, be sure to book ahead of time if you are thinking of doing the same 😉

Beef Bar

We found ourselves a new favourite spot this year and the best part? It was fully by chance. As you may have seen in the vlog, we travelled to what we thought was Kapari beach and instead, stumbled across the crystal clear waters in front of Beef Bar. 

The cool restaurant extends upwards from the sea with an area for lazing, one for grabbing a light bite and then the more formal restaurant itself. We ended up here two days back to back enjoying the laid back yet luxury vibe of the place and had we have stayed for a further few nights on the island, we would have headed back continuously. 

The service is fantastic, the music is cool and eclectic and there’s a breathtaking view from every spot. Oh, also, they have the best truffle pizza in Europe. 


Another ‘stumble upon’ was Santanna Beach club at Paradise Beach. We ended up here on a Sunday lunchtime and stayed until sundown, the vibe is pretty happening and fun but it’s also busier than most spots.  The water is super clear just as with the rest of the island’s stunning coastline, though all beaches in Mykonos are technically public paradise beach is somewhere to splash out on a bed or cabana to secure your spot for a say in the sunshine. 

Kapari Beach

Just when we thought we’d swam in the dreamiest waters, we found the beach we originally recommended before finding Beef Bar. The famously gorgeous Kapari Beach.

Climbing down the steep steps to the small sandy cove Inge and I were pinching ourselves over just how stunning the sea ahead of us really was. We could have easily mistaken ourselves for splashing around in the The Indian ocean.

That wraps up our sweet stay on the Greek island of Mykonos, we had the most incredible time, there’s no question of a doubt that we’ll both be back very soon!


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