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The C&C Guide to 24 hrs in Los Angeles

Would you believe I’ve now travelled to Los Angeles seven times in the last four years and I’ve never written a C&C Guide to? I know, I know, I’m terrible at my job! Rectifying the problem swiftly, here’s my top recommendations for the ultimate 24hrs in Los Angeles!

If asked where I would chose to live, should I ever move from London, I wouldn’t have a chance to blink before answering ‘California’. It’ll come as no surprise or secret for anyone that knows me, including you guys who take the time to read my blog that Los Angeles is one of my favourite cities in the world. In the line of work I’m in it’s pretty cliche to dream of a life in Hollywood but then again, it’s also OK to own the stereotype every now and again! Yes, the presenter professional in me dreams of moving to hollywood and becoming a ‘star’ but the adult/wife/sister/friend in me knows that’ll never happen. That being said, it’s still a destination that sits at the top of my faves list!

So after my several visits, be them for work or play, I thought it was time to give you my ultimate guide to spending 24 hours in the ‘city of angels’. Here goes:

6.00am Hike Above HollyWood

An early start you may think but if you are heading across the pond from the UK you’ll be able to revel in the fact that traveling West means your natural body clock will no doubt have you up before the 5.30am alarm. Stretch into your gym clothes or casual gear and head to the Hollywood Hills. My personal preference is to take the HollyRidge Trail and hike up to above the hollywood sign as sitting above those individual white letters has a really special meaning for me (read why here) but being Cali, there’s a number of great hikes in the city of angels and in my opinion there is no better way to start the day!

9.00am – Sip at Sixty

After enjoying the fresh canyon air and seeing the city wake up from high above it, it’s time to head back to your hotel for as most Americans will tell you, the most important meal of the day, breakfast. A cool place to grab your first meal of the day is at Sixty Beverly Hills, it’s a hotel I personally love to stay at when in LA. The location is fab and the pool area is beautiful, it’s an easy option to nip upstairs if you are staying at the hotel but it’s also open to non-guests to just have meals or drinks there. The granola is amazing and they have an awesome selection of eggs & avo options too, you can either eat at the bar or munch poolside and catch some morning rays if you are travelling during the warmer months.

Although your parents may have warned you off swimming after eating the pool will no doubt lure you in for a dip after your meal and I’d advise spending a few hours by the pool, for pretty obvious reasons.

11.00am Roam on Rodeo Drive

After some horizontal time on the hotel sunbeds wander just a few blocks down to the famous ‘Rodeo Drive’. It’s just a few minutes walk from the hotel or if you are staying elsewhere in LA, hop in an Uber. Rodeo is definitely a tourist hotspot in Beverly Hills but it’s a must see for sure! The street is lined with all the dreamy designers and the layout with towering palms and parked up supercars is a stunning sight to see regardless of if you leave with a shopping bag in tow. The street is never too busy so always a good idea and without a doubt one of those iconic streets you just have to see.

1.00pm Meander down Melrose Avenue

With the self spurlge ‘buzz’ a fresh it’s time to really do some shopping, if your budget doesn’t stretch to the mirrored shop fronts on Rodeo Drive then my favourite place to make extra room for in my case is Melrose Avenue. Further West (around 10 miles) from the high end boutiques and the Ivy you’ll find shop after shop of cute and affordable shops and the best vintage stores I’ve ever found. If you have the time to sift through the ‘thirft’ on Melrose you won’t be disappointed.  After you’ve found some stylish steals you have two options for lunch, if you are ravenous from searching through the racks then grab a bite at the funky and fresh Beefsteak where the menu may be limited but the outside seating and people watching opportunities are priceless! Otherwise your next stop will be the beach so you could always wait to grab a bite there.

3.00pm Vibe on Venice beach

A trip to California wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach and if you are only in town for a short period then Venice Beach should be your go-to. Leading all the way down to the famous Santa Monica pier the stretch of sand that fringes the city is so vibrant and fun and when it comes to Venice Beach in particular you can’t wander a few steps in silence! From the funky (and sometimes curiously questionable) nick nack stands to roller blading bikini babes, even on a cold day there’s many reasons to wander in awe! You can easily spend a day strolling along the walkway between the town and the sand and  in warm weather, which, in California is most of the year, laze all day on the beach.

6.00pm Watch the Sunset on The Sand

After spending your afternoon by the beach there’s no need to move until the darkness dictates you must! You’ll no doubt want to snap a few ‘grammable’ pics by the traditional and iconic lifeguard huts and whilst they make a great posing platform they are also the perfect place to watch the sun go down. Los Angeles like any beach resort has some killer sunsets and witnessing the warmth that fills the sky before the day turns dark is pretty darn special!

9.00pm Mexican at Madre

After you’ve inevitably hit LA’s famous traffic heading back to your hotel (don’t worry you can grab a monster-sized Dr Pepper and some Swedish Fish candy from a service station to get you through!) it’s time to shower down, dress up and head out for dinner.

Gracias Madre is my suggestion for the perfect evening meal within this ’24 hours in LA’ guide. I’d probably go as far to say it’s my favourite restaurant of all time. The swanky vegan (though don’t let that alarm you if you are not a meat eater!) Mexican is well-known to LA locals for it’s amazing food, cool interiors and great service. The menu is so vast and inventive and everything (I’ve almost made my way through the entire menu) tastes DE-LISH! Oh also the cocktail list is exceptional!

After contently filling your belly, it’s time to head out for post-dinner drinks or back to your hotel to slumber. The city of Los Angeles, contrary to popular belief is not really a party town so unless I’m headed to a specific event or continuing drinks after dinner I’d much rather opt for an early night and early start when stateside.

12.00am Call it a night in Cali

When it comes to where to stay, I’ve spent nights in a number of hotels over the past few years and my favourites, therefore the ones I would recommend to you guys are The London Hotel, SLS Beverley Hills, The Mondrian and of course, as I mentioned earlier Sixty Beverly Hills.

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Sabrina x



  1. AIMEE
    April 19, 2018 / 3:49 am

    Who say’s your dreams won’t become reality?! I’ll be visiting you fo’sure!

    I love this guide, it really is amazing how much you can fit into 24hrs.

    I love your gym wear you wore in the hike! Please link it for us!


  2. April 25, 2018 / 5:19 pm

    I really need to go back to LA some day!!

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