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What to Wear in Jordan, In Style

Ladies, if you’re wondering what to wear to Jordan without compromising on style I have you covered. I recently travelled to the beautiful country of Jordan and as a destination of dreams for many I’ve had so many questions sent my way about the culture rich country and what to expect when travelling there. Having spent time in a lot of predominantly muslim countries over the past few years I have had some great practice when it comes to ‘covering up’ in style so I travelled to Jordan with a fully prepared suitcase 😉

As a country, Jordan is not as strictly muslim as those that border it, so it’s far more relaxed than the neighouring restrictions from the likes of Iran and Saudi Arabia, that being said whenever travelling to that side of the world there is an element of respect that I do feel needs to be taken into account when wandering around populated areas. I personally love to dress a little chic-meets-sassy when I’m travelling, it’s never been something I’m shy to admit, especially whilst creating content. The power of an exposed shoulder can do wonders for a frame 😉 Though, acting and dressing respectfully is something I always encourage and practice when in those countries that truly appreciate it.

So here’s my own capsule collection from my recent trip to Jordan, without any compromising on looking and feeling amazing!

What to wear in Jordan – Modesty

As I said, when it comes to ladies ‘covering up’ Jordan is far more relaxed than you first may think when seeing it’s location on the map but that being said most local women will wear clothing that covers their knees and shoulders (and everything between) so when packing, longer skirts and trousers would be advised, as well as tops with sleeves and modest necklines.

Dress – Melissa Odabash similar style available here

Dress – Melissa Odabash available here, Gold Jewellery – Kirstin Ash available here

What to wear in Jordan – Loose & Layers

Jordan is a country that has fluctuating temperatures depending on location and time of day so layering is always a good idea for comfort in the breeze and heat. It can get very cold in the evenings despite the scorching temperatures of the day so though it may feel a bit bizarre packing a jacket for a destination that boasts highs of 40 degrees celsius but you’ll be thankful you did! When it comes to dealing the with the heat, billowing breezy fabrics lend the perfect hand to those uncomfortably hot midday hours. Flowing skirts and dresses that don’t fit tight are going to be your best friends when it comes to taking on the desert in the day and then when the temperature drops you have the same loose fabrics to trap in the  warmth.

Layering is also a great idea for fashion and photo purposes, a pretty sleeveless maxi dress can me suitably switched up in seconds with a jacket or shirt to cover your shoulders.It’s an easy way to incorporate more of your wardrobe rather than finding or pricing together full ‘appropriate’ outfits. Here’s two looks that I changed in a instant just shrugging off my shall to expose my shoulders in a picture 😉

Dress – Melissa Odabash available here

Skirt – Melissa Odabash available here, Top – Nasty Gal available here

What to wear in Jordan – Footwear

Though most of my pictures will depict the barefoot wandering illusion, I lived in my hiking boots whilst in Jordan. They were great for keeping my feet sand free and as it’s a country that you need to be active in to explore, having a sturdy grip is handy! I talk more about having appropriate footwear in my previous post detailing a 5 Day Jordan Itinerary.

Trousers – Reiss similar pair here , Boots – Berghaus

 What to wear in Jordan – The Headscarf

One of the most common questions I was asked during my trip was if you had to wear a headscarf. The answer is absolutely not. I wore a headscarf for the majority of my trip for a number of reasons but there is no set rule about women having to cover their heads. For me, the headscarf brings to life the culture of my visit in pictures, it kept my scalp out of the sun and it allowed me to go far longer without washing my mane 😉 I really got into the spirit of the country when I travelled to Jordan and for me the headscarf was just a part of that, I personally found it to be a godsend for warmth in the mornings and shade in the midday heat, it was also fantastic for keeping the sand out of my face when walking and driving through the sandy desert. We picked ours up from a small roadside shop on the way to Wadi Rum.

Sabrina x


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    I love what to wear posts they’re so useful when it’s such a minefield going to places like this.

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